Thursday, August 27, 2015

In harmony with the litter and trash.....

today on my way out the neighborhood looked over at the neighbor's house to the small shed they built oh I don't know... several years back.  The men folk there appear to use it for their homesteaded pool hall.....  mind you the whole entire building is only 12 x 12.  I would imagine you can' t do any more than stand on the sides of the pool table.  Anyway,  today I noticed they have hung a huge piece of visqueen polyethylene plastic on the side of this "shed" (it doesn't even warrant the dignity of the word building) just a tad little bit higher than your waist.  There was a guy standing facing away from the shed looking straight down, his stance was one of a man relieving himself in nature.  Had to of been that's precisely what he was doing.  uhgggg..... and sigh......  I really needed to witness that first thing in the morning.

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